Create Multiple Folders to File Path with PHP

$path = "../files/upload/images/"; //create directory if it doesn't exist if (!is_dir($path)) {      mkdir($path,0777,true); } ?> more

How to Show Only One Decimal Place for a Number in PHP Without Rounding Up

This is one way to display a number in PHP without rounding up.  number_format() would round the number up, so I've used substr() to simply 'hide' the extra decimal places. & more

VirtualMerchant XML Error: 6042Invalid Request FormatXML request is not well-formed or request is incomplete.

The XML example code in the VirtualMerchant developer guide is incorrect. They accidentally added an additional tag at the end of the code which results in the following error: 6042Invalid more

New Website for KY TN Oral Surgery

We recently launched a new website for KY TN Oral Surgery.  The website features custom photography, custom content management and multiple interactive forms.  We enjoyed working with more

New Website for Total Rejuvenation of Paducah

We recently completed a website for Total Rejuvenation of Paducah.  We developed a mobile version of the site as well.  The site includes an overview of their services, photo gallery and more

New eCommerce Website for Ribbon Chix

This website was developed for a local women's and children's clothing store.  The website features a completely custom-built eCommerce solution.  Customers can quickly and more

New Website for the Midsouth Turfgrass Council

We recently launched a new website for the Midsouth Turfgrass Council, located in Paris, TN.  The website includes a completely custom-built members only forum, an interactive map of the more

HTTP 1.1 PayPal IPN Example PHP Code

PayPal recently announced that they're going to "discontinue support for HTTP 1.0 protocol starting February 1, 2013."  Today I ran into some problems implementing these changes. more

New Website for Twin Lakes Dental

We recently designed a new website for Twin Lakes Dental.  With locations in Paris, TN and Camden, TN, Twin Lakes Dental provides dental services to families in Western Kentucky and more

Nana B's Quick Recipes

We enjoyed working with Mrs. Betty Foster on her "Nana B's Quick Recipes" website.  We built a custom website for Mrs. Foster on which she shares hundreds of recipes, family stories, more

Sending Email with Amazon SES SMTP and PHPMailer

We use Amazon SES to send email from some of our clients' web applications.  Recently, we developed a web application for a company who wanted to host the app on their own server.  In this more

New Website for Marshall County High School Athletic Foundation

We recently developed a completely custom-built website for the Marshall County High School Athletic Foundation.  The website includes a secure admin area where the foundation can manage more

New Website for People Lease

We recently launched a new website for People Lease, a temporary employment agency located in Paducah, KY.  The new website is completely custom-built and includes a sophisticated, more

Time Centre Apartment Homes

We recently launched a new website for Time Centre Apartment Homes, located in St. Charles, MO.  The website includes a photo gallery, apartment availability finder, floor plans, a service more

New Website for NexPay, Inc.

We recently designed a new website for NexPay, Inc.  The website contains company information, integration with SalesForce and it can all be managed through a convenient and custom content more

G. Sommerhof Custom Homes & Additions

We recently developed a website for G. Sommerhof Luxury Homes & Additions, a premier builder of luxury custom homes in St. Louis, MO. Visit this website: more

New Website for Jason Koger

Jason Koger struck a fallen, live power line during a routine ATV ride in 2008, suffering near-fatal injuries in the process. To save Jason’s life, doctors had to amputate both his arms below more

New Website for Peel & Holland

We are proud to announce the launch of a new website for Peel & Holland.  Peel & Holland provides insurance, employee benefits and risk management services to families, more

Steve Steele's Home Inspections Website Design

We recently launched a new website for Steve Steele's Home Inspections.  The website features general information about SSHI's services along with a photo gallery and FAQ section.  The more

How to Upload Multiple Files in a Web Application with Progress Bar, Multiple Fields and Form Validation Using jQuery, PHP & Uploadify

There are a few tutorials out there on how to use Uploadify to upload files in a web application. However, I haven't found one that integrates Uploadify into a form with other fields, so that the more

Launch: Crimson Serves

Crimson Serves is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to strengthening ties between Harvard University and the military.  We recently worked with Crimson Serves to develop more

Launch: New Website for Jackson-Madison County Auto Auction

We recently completed a new website for the Jackson-Madison County Auto Auction, located in Medina, TN.  Visit the website here: more

Launch: Safety Training & Environmental Protection (STEP)

Safety Training & Environmental Protection (STEP) provides training and experience in the industrial safety world. We recently launched a new custom website for STEP that allows complete more

Launch: L.V. Harkness "Personalize Your Stationery" Web Application

We recently completed a new custom web application for LV Harkness & Co.. The application allows customers to personalize their own stationery in real-time at more

Tutorial: Import a CSV File Using PHP and MySQL

The following code should help beginner PHP/MySQL developers who are looking for an easy way to import a CSV or comma delimited file into a mysql database.  This example adds new contacts into more

Tutorial: PHP Photo Gallery With No Database

The purpose of this tutorial is to help beginner PHP developers understand some basic PHP concepts and functions by building a simple photo gallery script. This photo gallery does not require a more

Launch: MSCB Outsource

MSCB Outsource provides practice management solutions for the medical industry. Their original website needed a complete overhaul.  We worked closely with MSCB to create a website that more

Launch: AGC of Western Kentucky Redesign

It has been almost four years since we originally redesigned the AGC of Western KY website.  That's a long time in 'web years'.  Today, we are excited to announce the launch of their new more

Tutorial: Instant Search With Arrow Key Navigation Using jQuery and PHP

Using jQuery and PHP you can develop your own 'Google-like' instant search. This demo lets you see 'instant' results while searching our blog. //arrow key navigation $(document).keydown( more

Launch: Mid-America Machine Website

We recently launched a brand new website for Mid-America Machine, Inc, located in Mayfield, KY.  Mid-America Machine is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal air compressor parts.  We more

Launch: Perkins Mobile iPhone Web Application

We are excited to announce the launch of “Perkins Mobile”, a custom mobile web application developed for Perkins Motor Plex. This app puts Perkin’s inventory right at their more

Website Launch: Tri Turf Sod Farms

Tri Turf Sod Farms is a family owned and operated business located in Paris, TN.  We recently completed work on their new and improved website.  The custom-built website provides Tri Turf more

New Website for Althans Insurance Agency

We have launched a new website for Althans Insurance Agency, located in Cleveland, Ohio.  We have developed a custom content management system that allows Althans to update site content, more

Website Launch for Peace Medical Center

Peace Medical Center is located in Greenville, SC.  We recently completed work on their new website that includes a custom content management system along with a streamlined 'Staff Only' section more

New Website for SYSTRA's RAILSIM

We recently completed a website for RAILSIM, SYSTRA's Rail Capacity Improvement Software.  The site contains a fully customized content management system, including case study management, news more

New Website for The Plaid Rabbit

We recently launched a website for The Plaid Rabbit, a local children's clothing & gift store.  Their new website allows customers to create and manage their own baby registry online.& more

Simple jQuery Form With Validation and Without Page Refresh

The overall purpose of this script is to: Post a form without refreshing the page Easily validate the form Show confirmation message Do #1-3 within a single file and with as more

Custom CMS Development for SYSTRA Consulting

SYSTRA Consulting recently designed a new website, but they needed someone to put it all together and ‘make it work’. They contacted us about the project and we’ve developed a more

How to Write a URL Shortener Script with PHP

A URL shortener is a useful script to develop and it's pretty easy if you're familiar with PHP. URL shorteners are being used more now than ever because people need to post short links on Twitter. more

Red Letter Communications Website Development

We recently completed development on a new website for Red Letter Communications, an advertising firm located in Cape Girardeau, MO.  The Red Letter team designed the entire website and we & more

Custom Blog Development for Paul Dietrich's Global Investing Trends Report

When asked to design & develop a blog for investment advisor Paul Dietrich, we had to decide whether to use a third-party blog program (like WordPress) or custom build one ourselves.  We more

New Website for Madea Faith Ministries

Madea Faith Erickson has an inspiring story and one that she wants to share with the world.  We recently worked with Madea on her new website which can be found here. Visitors can learn about more

New Website for Bootheel Tractor Parts

We recently launched a completely overhauled website for Bootheel Tractor Parts.  Stealth Creative handled the entire design while we developed a new custom back-end.  The administrative more

How to Use MySQL's AES_ENCRYPT and AES_DECRYPT to Store Information in a Database

  UPDATE (March 2013) - Here's a better solution to storing passwords in a database using PHP/MySQL.   This mini-tutorial assumes you already know how to connect to your more

New Website for Pinnacle, Inc.

Pinnacle, Inc. is a general contracting firm that needed a new website. We developed a custom content management system for Pinnacle, allowing them to easily update their project portfolio along with more

Cotton State Barns Website Design

We recently completed a new website for Cotton State Barns. The website contains company information, pictures and size information for each available barn, and with a custom-built dealer locator. more

A Better PHP Upload Progress Bar Using jQuery

Hopefully, this example of a PHP file upload progress bar will be helpful to PHP  developers who are looking for a simple way to display a file upload progress bar into their online forms and more

Website Launch: Kentucky Lake Jeep Club

This week we launched a website for the Kentucky Lake Jeep Club. The site has a recreational look and provides useful information about the club along with a custom-built member’s only forum. more

Fast Wagon - an easy way to sell digital downloads

Selling digital downloads has never been easier… FastWagon makes it easy to safely and securely sell digital downloads such as mp3 files and software. We developed this service after more

Grey's Properties

We originally redesigned a website for Grey's Properties in 2006.  A lot has changed in three years, and it was time to update the site with a new look and added functionality.  The staff more

Jack and Diane Clothing Boutique

Jack & Diane is a unique and trendy clothing boutique that gives a big city vibe located right in the heart of Murray, Kentucky.  View Website: more

DK Kelley Website Launch

We recently designed a new website for DK Kelley. Along with a complete website redesign, the website contains custom photography and a newsletter management system.  DK Kelley, located in more

SPAM Protection Using PHP and jQuery

The most common solution to keep 'machines/automated spammers' from abusing PHP forms is to use a CAPTCHA. This works, for the most part, but is very inconvenient & usually unsightly for the more

Find the Last Day of the Month With PHP

Google - last day of month php - and you'll get over 15,000,000 results.  It's amazing how many people have searched for this & how many roundabout ways there are to accomplish what should more

Merge Multiple PDF Files with PHP

This tutorial explains how to successfully merge multiple PDF files using pdftk and PHP. A recent project of ours required this functionality, and we hope this tutorial saves you some time. View more

C'est La Vie Children's Couture

We recently launched a website for C'est La Vie Children's Couture.  This website, developed with php/mysql,  consists of a completely custom-developed shopping cart, live inventory more

A Useful PHP File Upload Progress Meter

UPDATE - Click here for a new (better) PHP Upload Progress Bar Script If you're like me, you want a PHP upload progress meter that is actually useful in your web applications. All of the more

Social Bug - Simple online photo sharing

Social Bug allows family and friends to easily share pictures privately online.  Users can add pictures to their online gallery just be emailing their photos to  Viewers more

Juffler - Simple Project Management, Billing & Invoicing

We are proud to introduce "Juffler", an online project management and billing service for small businesses.  Like many other small businesses, we needed a simple way to keep track of more

Perkins Motor Plex Website Launch

Perkins Motor Plex (PMP) is a pre-owned car dealership located in Mayfield, KY.  We recently developed a website and inventory management system for Perkins Motor Plex, allowing the PMP staff to more

Chateau Girardeau Website Redesign

We recently launched a newly designed website for The Chateau Girardeau, a retirement community located in Cape Girardeau, MO.  Working closely with Red Letter Communications, we developed the more

Taylor Family Dental Website

We recently completed a website for Taylor Family Dental, located in Murray, Kentucky.  The Taylor Family Dental staff is able to update their new website using a custom content management more

FarmLogic Video Production

We recently completed a video promoting FarmLogic, a mobile information management system for farmers.  FarmLogic allows the user to manage their farm records, field maps, equipment lists, and more

Fayette County Public Schools Recruitment Video

We recently developed a teacher recruitment video for the Fayette County Public Schools, located in Lexington, KY.  This upbeat video contains interviews with several employees of the District more

Western Kentucky Construction Association Website Redevelopment

We recently completed the development of a new website for the Western Kentucky Construction Association - located in Paducah, KY. The new site gives the WKCA a new look while providing its staff more

Donoghue & Company Website Redesign

Donoghue & Company is an investment management firm located in Norwood, MA.  Their previous website was out of date and they needed a new website that was easy to use and allowed them to more

Life Connect Website Launch is a social networking website that allows users to communicate with their families and friends privately. Users can invite only specific people to join their Life Connect account. more

L.V. Harkness Website Design

We recently completed the development of the brand new L.V. Harkness website, which includes an online store along with a wedding and gift registry. Attractive photographs and a user-friendly more

PowerClaim Interactive CD-ROM recently completed an interactive CD-ROM for Hawkins Research, Inc., developers of PowerClaim Insurance Adjusting software. This interactive CD-ROM contains information about more

Vintage Rose Emporium Website Profile

Vintage Rose Emporium is a fine gift and specialty store located in Murray, Kentucky. We have recently completed a new website for the store along with an online Wedding Registry database more

Congressman Whitfield Website Redesign has completed production on the new website for Congressman Ed Whitfield (First District - Kentucky.) The new website includes a fresh, updated and more professional look along more

Deeply Rooted Farms Website Launch

Deeply Rooted Farms is a unique farm located in Western, Kentucky. While visiting the farm you will find gentle rolling hills, much wildlife, very big and quite small horses, cows, among other farm more

Customer Database: php/mysql application

Keeping track of your customers and clients has never been easier. We have introduced Simple Customer, our open-source customer management application built in php/mysql. Simple Customer is an more

Bootheel Tractor Parts: Website Development

Bootheel Tractor Parts is located in East Prairie, MO. They sell used and rebuilt John Deere and Case tractor parts along with John Deere Equipment. We recently developed an online inventory more

Industrial Training Services Website Design

We recently completed the production of a new website for Industrial Training Services, located in Murray, KY. The new website includes a custom content management system, which allows ITS staff to more

Toy Tractor Times Collection Database

We have recently produced a custom inventory management database application for the Toy Tractor Times. This application allows members of the Toy Tractor Times to keep track of their tractor more

Calhoun & Company Website Redesign

Calhoun & Company, PLLC is a professional certified public accounting firm located in Hopkinsville, KY. We recently completed production on their new website, which includes a custom content more